Useful Tips & Tricks for Oldschool Runescape (EP2)

This is episode 2 of the Tips and Tricks series on my channel where I show 10 different ideas which will really help your in game quality of life! Enjoy!

– Short Version –
1. Using cannonballs on cannon fills it without using ticks
2. Recolour your whip, makes it an untradeable
3. Use avas on Lanthus at Castle Wars
4. There are better alternatives to graceful cape, boots, gloves
5. To cancel a Jad task, go in and out of the cave
6. Suiciding in boss rooms to drop food
7. Wait until your stat drops and then take the sip so that you get the most use out of your dose
8. Press down scroll wheel to rotate screen, Control to run, Tab to reply to PM
9. You can use bank fillers to quickly deposit things in your inventory
10. Right click npc contact, right click poh, right click fairy ring

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