UK, Top 10 Best First Cars to buy, insure and tax for under £4,000!

Hello guys, immediately we’re doing one thing completely different and I’ll present to you guys a video explaining intimately, that are the perfect vehicles within the U.Okay. to purchase and insure when it’s your first automobile or when merely you’re a younger driver!
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  1. anyone who is finding it hard to get cheap insurance try and add ur parents to the deal it saved me £900 which was half my initial quote also sometimes bigger engines can come out cheaper that smaller ones for example a seat ibiza 2010 1.2L came to 1300 once i had added my parents but i tried a Citroen DS3 1.4L and it came to 900 once i had added my parents.

    p.s dont add ur parents if they have had any claims within the last 5 years this make it more expensive.

  2. I got a quote for a 13 plate corsa 1.2 eco for £450 insurance fully comp for the year, but I am 22 so that might be why haha

  3. My first car is going to be a new Mini one pepper white from marmalade cars you lease the car so you suffer no depreciation and you get free insurance.

  4. if you want to pay less for your car insurance I know a guy that can do it for 50% discount and sometimes with more discount simply contact him on his ICQ Number   603554261

  5. Could you do a video exactly like this, considering the cost, but also considering the speed, for example cheapest cars to insure with over 200hp, thanks

  6. My dad had a seat Leon and the insurance company would not think about insuring his apprentice, who has been driving for 2 years and has had 3 cars, on the Leon. I doubt it's actually a good first car.

  7. you could get a 998cc classic mini aswell. the parts are farely cheap and you can get classic car insurance on it so its cheaper.

  8. GUYS!
    I have read feedback and understood where I have made errors and where I have made positives.
    An updated video will be made in the next 2 weeks!
    Please let me know any suggestions soon so that I can include it in the next video.

  9. I have a Volkswagen polo dune 1.4 petrol a Volkswagen polo 1.4 tdi and a 64 plate fiesta and the fiesta is of a terrible build quality and is horrible to drive the dune is the smoothest and most comfortable as you would expect because it's a grand dad car and my 1.4 tdi is the most powerful and easily drags it's ass to 100mph and costs Fuck all to run id never get another Ford again mine has 2000 miles on the clock and has already needed a new alternator the Bonnet keeps opening its self and the cars automatic gear box is nothing like you would expect as mine once refused to kick its self out of gear and tried to stick me out infront of on coming traffic I wouldn't buy anything other than a Volkswagen pd as they have prove there self to me and my family through the years also the Ford is un spacious as fuck my head touches the roof the steering wheel is made of the cheapest shitest leather and the stereo looks like a gremlins head

  10. this was a bit dry and the mic buzz annoyed me but finished it liked it and found out something im glad to now know thanks

  11. I just passed and I'm 19 and I've got a 1.4 fiesta and I'm getting quotes for 2.5k. Anyone got any ideas of getting it cheaper ?

  12. I am 27yrs just pass my test. need a automatic small car (5 doors) for social and domestic use. which would you recommend ? under £1200.

  13. the Hyundai Coupe… pointless buying the 1.6L even for a first car, the weight to power ratio is shite the car uses so much more on fuel. Hyundai Coupe is a terrible recommendation unless the first car buyer is earning enough to buy, insure and run the 2L model which is much more efficient. and the parts for these cars really dont cost much compared to actual cars in the same class as them.

  14. randomly came across this and decided to watch. the information and knowledge on cars in this video is rather limited! if anyone here is looking for their first car please do more research rather then watching this moron.


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