Top 10 Hilarious Bond Gadgets

High 10 Most Ridiculous James Bond Devices

James Bond is a undercover agent that not solely packs a gun and fancy automobiles, however a gadget and gizmo for every event, irrespective of how weird. Whereas many of those devices are sensible, many are a little bit too outrageous! WatchMojo picks the ten silliest devices from the James Bond Franchise,

Record Entries and Rank:
#10. The Horse Trailer “Octopussy”
#9. The Ski Pole Gun “The Spy Who Cherished Me”
#8. Cigarette Rocket Darts “You Solely Stay Twice”
#7. The Ghetto Blaster “The Dwelling Daylights”
#6. Revolving Couch “The Dwelling Daylights”
#5. The Iceberg Boat “A View To A Kill”
#4. The Crocodile Swimsuit “Octopussy”
#3. ??



  1. I was thinking about the third nipple!
    I'm surprised the whistling device from The Living Daylights wasn't mentioned

  2. Most of these gadgets were made by major boothroyd, and I love Major he's very funny😂and my dog was named after him as all our pets names are James Bond names 😂😂

  3. Sexistic, killhappy american forgot the jetpack flier, one-man-helicopter and amfibi-car among many other really interesting, and WORKING Bond-gadgets.

  4. mexicans my ass racist bullshit you throwing narrator
    GAUCHOS PAMPAS-cowpokes down in ARGENTINA WAY…bolas..
    throwable weapons
    quite good BUT not exactly devastating..thw KNOW THEY HAVE NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH down 'MEJICO' way.

  5. James Bond movies never were made for smart people. That´s why so many people like those shows.
    Batman in the 60th´s were so much more exciting. Still love that show !

  6. Actually, those "shark-pellets" ARE real, and have been around for many decades. They are a mechanism, screwed onto spear-gun spears or bang-sticks, which release the contents of a carbon-dioxide canister into the body-cavity, to quickly kill and surface a shark.

  7. Most are not funny at all. Check out OSS training films on the tube. Exploding coal. The Casey Jones and the ant jammi just to name a few.

  8. Bond: "look at my man-tits. You see, I'm the real deadilist assassin."
    Guy,: "Pardon me Mr.Bond for not seeing that"

  9. Not a laugh , that cigarette gun was a real weapon by the military but was unreliable an didn't shoot straight . The Jet pack in  Thunder ball was real too , also made by the military , though also unreliable was scratched , but was used in the first Super Bowl

  10. Good list, but you should have only included gadgets that do not actually exist (or work).  The plane you sited in #10 was real.  It tours airshows regularly. 
    And really, #1 is a fake nipple?  Fifty years of Bond Films and THAT was the one you thought was best?

  11. The horrible hair piece and eye brows Sean Connery put on in "you only live twice" that was supposed to make him blend in and appear as a Japanese male..


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