1. I tried using your link above for RobinHood, but it didn't work… no free stock. Shortlink doesn't seem to pass the referral info. They say I need either your user name, email address, or account number.

  2. Check this out Guys, looks like an absolute gold mine, very under the radar: https://medium.com/@724554/qube-leaked-whitepaper-of-cryptos-quantitative-investment-analysis-engine-6eefc1b8111e

  3. Request for the Best Omar! I hope you’ll have Clif High on your show in february – it would be a dream to watch you two talk POPULOUS. (But that would be inevitable bc beta will be launched by then:)

  4. Check out our space to learn about a NEW ICO being launched! Stay tuned; educate yourself and get positioned! Have a blessed day everyone!

  5. The robinhood app is not available for german users? "This item cannot be installed in your device's country" WTF! 🙁

  6. Hey Omar, love your videos, thanks for all your hard work. I recently gained a follower on Twitter that I believe may be impersonating you, but I'd like to make sure so I don't accidentally report your account. Account in question is @Bhamcrypt0snews on Twitter, please let me know, thanks!

  7. 1 minute video is great. can hear you because of the background music. just take that off, you're content is interesting enough

  8. I a crazy about you! You’ve been such a great help to me concerning up to the minute info on bitcoin! Thanks! But I believe he currency of the future has been co-opted by the big banks! Super sad! Here’s link to what’s happening! https://youtu.be/UYHFrf5ci_g

  9. It would be hilarious to see "grown up adults" in court trying to justify blaming a 17 year old for them mortgaging their house to a judge.

    I imagine any judge would get kicks from hearing a 40 or 60 year old trying to blame a 17 year old YouTuber for financial advice. 😂


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