Ramadan 2018: Master Your FITNESS, SLEEP & NUTRITION this Ramandan!!

Want to go through Ramadan like a pro? ✨ We couldn’t find answers to all our Ramadan exercise, nutrition, sleep & health questions… so we gathered a team of experts and created the most comprehensive FREE online resource to help you supercharge health & fitness this Ramadan! 😎

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Get answers based on the latest research…

👟 FITNESS: When is the best time to workout while fasting? How to modify your exercises during Ramadan? How to stay active in Ramadan without spending ALL your time in the gym?
🍽 HEALTHY EATING: How to eat at suhoor to keep hunger away & provide long-lasting energy for productivity all day? How to enjoy all your favourite traditional foods (yes, even fried stuff & dessert!)
☕ COFFEE: Does coffee make you dehydrated? Can you drink it in Ramadan? Learn how to enjoy your coffee fix all Ramadan WITHOUT withdrawal!
🛌 SLEEP: How to repay sleep debts after short Ramadan nights and busy schedules? Learn how to nap PROPERLY to improve your sleep quality!
👨🏽‍⚕ DIABETES: Learn how to manage & improve diabetes and how to have informed, productive discussions about your condition with your doctor to stay safe this month!
🧕🏽 MOMS: Learn how to manage feeding in Ramadan with expert dietitian tips!
& so much more!!



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