picking up my puppy + supplies haul (mini aussie)


hey long time no see
Im gonna start doing this thing where i actually make and upload youtube videos again..so subscribe! The next video to go up will be a dorm haul for my sophomore year of college and i got a lot of cute shit so tune in kids

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************** DISCLAIMER ******************
I 100% think that everyone should adopt and NOT shop, both my cats are adopted from the humane society. My family wanted this breed of dog in particular and I did research for months and was either unable to find a rescue center, or we would find one and it did not fit with our family (not good with cats/needs to be the only dog/etc.) My family tried to adopt and unfortunately could not. The women we got our pup from was very nice, professional, and has Aussies of her own that had babies, so we took that opportunity. Thanks for understanding.

We have had Jax for about a month now and he is doing great! Sorry about the late upload but working 40 hours a week, taking 2 online college classes, and taking care of a brand new puppy has certainly taken it’s toll on me! I want to get on an uploading schedule of once a week. Let me know if you want any more videos on Jax, or any other videos that you would like to see from me!

– em



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