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Pennsylvania is home to over one-hundred state parks which have been widely acclaimed by the National Recreation and Park Association as among the best in the country. If you are looking to traverse the Keystone State this summer in your RV or camper you are not alone. According to a Michigan University Study, over eight million households across the nation own a recreational vehicle or camper.

RVs and campers offer a convenient and comfortable means of navigating freely across the country and make great investments. As with any investment, ensuring that your RV is properly protected against damage, theft and other hazards is essential. A comprehensive Philadelphia RV Insurance policy can protect you and your assets against a variety of liability exposures when exploring Pennsylvania’s great outdoors.

Before you head out to explore the Pennsylvania wilderness it is important to make sure that your RV is ready for any terrain challenges you might face. Here are a few tips to ensure that your excursion isn’t hindered by unplanned mishaps.

– Like any automotive, RVs that have been sedentary for a period of time could face operational challenges associated with inactivity. Make sure that your RV is fully tuned up and ready for action before your trip.

– Double check that your spare tire is fully functional. When exploring rocky or unstable terrain a working spare will be a handy asset should another tire fail. All tires should be free of cracks or leaks and should retain inflation. You can check the status of your tires by filling the tire up appropriately a few days before your trip and monitoring it.

– Mapping out the travel route is essential so that you have a general understanding of where you are going. Also checking the terrain and weather conditions each day before starting out will ensure that you are aware of current driving conditions and can plan accordingly.

– Pack extra supplies. Be sure to fill a spare gas canister and maintain an ample water reserve for both consumption and hygienic uses. Doing so can come in handy on the off chance that you get lost or delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

At GMG Insurance we are serious about protecting our clients on their travels. Our Philadelphia RV and Motorhome Insurance policies are specially designed to protect you and your family wherever you roam. Our Philadelphia RV Insurance coverage goes beyond basic liability coverage to fully protect your investment and fellow travelers. We also offer Philadelphia Auto Insurance policies to ensure that no matter how our clients explore the great outdoors, they can rest assured that their vehicles and assets are fully protected. Give us a call today at (855) 407-4450 for more information about how our offerings are designed to accommodate your lifestyle.

Philadelphia RV Insurance: Safely Exploring the Open Road



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