OnePlus 6 Tips and Tricks | 10 features you need to try

The OnePlus 6 boasts the latest version of OxygenOS which adds a host of really useful features. This tips and tricks guide dives into the OnePlus 6 software to check out the best features and show you how to get the most from your phone.

Our OnePlus 6 tips and tricks guide covers:

Copying data to the OnePlus 6
Personalising your phone
Gesture support
How to remove the notch
Changing the navigation dock
How to turn on night mode
Face unlock and other OnePlus 6 security features
Gaming mode
Always-on display (Lift Up Display)
Alert slider
Portrait selfies with the main OnePlus 6 camera

Check out our OnePlus 6 hands-on review, unboxing and comparisons for everything else you need to know!



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