Oats Vs Corn Flakes | Which is a Better Breakfast? | Hindi

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Oats and corn flakes are two popular breakfast choices among st the fitness folks. These two are often equated in the same vein. However there are some differences which you should be knowing before making the choice.
1.) When trying to lose weight low carbohydrate options should always be preferred over the higher carbohydrates ones. Oats is a clear winner here.

2.) More protein per serving helps to keep us full which makes it easier for us to reach our weight loss goals. Oats again has a upper hand here.

3.) More fiber per serving helps us to stay full and also helps in the bowel moment. Oats has more fiber as compared to corn flakes.

4.)There should be no added sugar per serving. Oats as none and corn flakes does has some.

Oats definitely is a more healthier choice as compared to corn flakes.



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