My Secrets to Making Money Online as a Designer

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This video goes over my secrets and techniques to getting cash on-line as a designer, in addition to covers a handful of excellent spots the place you’ll be able to promote your work to make some further money.

One of many key issues to bear in mind with any of those locations is that those that are probably the most persistent and are always producing and importing new superb work could have the very best shot at doing nicely.

Every considered one of these completely different spots to promote has completely different traits that helps the store homeowners and sellers there do their greatest. Be sure to study every market and the way it will help promote the work you create to provide your self the absolute best probability of creating an honest amount of cash.

Hopefully it was useful and if in case you have any extra questions be happy to ask within the feedback part.

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  1. There are many factors in how to get paid for photos. One plan I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Hartlyn Photo Pro (google it if you're interested) definately the no.1 plan i've seen. look at all the unbelievable info .

  2. I just started redbubble and you are able to set your profit margin as oppose to society6 . I only wish they offered shower curtains and rugs on redbubble

  3. Hi I've got a question… Can I download those fonts to use in Affinity designer or it's against copyright laws… if not can you share a video where I can create my own fonts or where to buy some? thanks in advance


  5. Great video, selling my designs online is one of the great things I learned from the Internet. Here's my shop in Society6 How do we trademark our logo or brand name if you want to be serious about it? Thanks

  6. How do I check for "plagiarism" for my image or vector before I submit it? Like, say I designed a simple hipster logo or logotype, or a hipster pattern – how do I check whether something very similar already exists? Do the Creative Market, RedBubble, Society6, etc. teams check it themselves or does it not matter? Cause with some graphic styles and media its very easy to claim that someone copied someone else.

  7. Hello im a new red bubble artist i would love if you go show me some love ❤️ on my redbubble and check out my stuff 🙏❤️🥀

  8. Great information here. One quick thing though…Gumroad does sell items for you through the "Discovery" option. You have to apply for it in your settings panel and they take an additional fee but it is worth it. They basically recommend your digital product along with similar products. I sell some of those every week now. I currently make about 1/8 of my living just on Gumroad so very happy with that service! Thanks for the video! 🙂

  9. Thanks, appreciate the demographic info. Curious to know what you think of Zazzle? In particular the customization options. Thanks!

  10. Do you have to be a freelancer with your own company to sell in this platform (taxes, invoices, etc.)? Or you just can be freelancer, without having a company?

  11. Awesome vid, thanks! I've also heard great things about too. I'm not selling on there right now–working on my first Creative Market product–but lots of artists who sell prints use it as an alternative to Etsy.

  12. Thumb up If You Want The honest Answer !!

    I believe that this is a great video. Does any person in this comment box generating any us dollars from the time you believe in making money over world wide web up until now ? myself ! absolutely nothing. That is the case for me over 2 years. Few 100 dollars and a lot of times losing. I believe that men and women like me want a little bit of admission from the video owner. Do you actually produce cash by promoting goods online or just promoting hope to us ? How long does it take for you to begin seeing cash in your account ? many of us seriously need a inspiration right here.

  13. I really want to work online as a designer/artist. Question, beyond designing, marketing and interactions, what else do I have to do? For example, how do I go about designing and offering a phone case, is it merely the mock up design that is sold? Are there any free websites or at least upfront?


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