My Process in Preparing for a USA Semi-Final Powerlifting Meet P. 1 | #RideWithMe

Ride with me is just the beginning of my journey. What I want is to give you, my audience, the inside scoop of the major events of an athlete and coach. I want you to follow me as I experience new competitions, new obstacles and the journey of my lifetime.


I draw my strength from my passion and dedication in leading others into a lifestyle of fitness and nutrition. My drive has led me to a career as a Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Management Coach and USAPL Coach, and to become a 5x Gold Medalist and 1x Silver Medalist Powerlifter.

As a young girl, basketball and softball became the foundations of my athletic talents. In high school, I began playing volleyball and I quickly realized that in order for me to excel on the court, I had to push myself off the court as well. I decided to join a local fitness gym and that is where my obsession for fitness began. The high of being able to become faster, stronger and more agile through training was like nothing I had ever felt before. I soon noticed teammates were motivated by my drive and dedication and that is how I found my purpose- to not only challenge myself, but to help guide the journeys of those who wanted to take this same path but did not know where to start.

My dedication in fulfilling my purpose has led me to become the woman I am today as I continue to fuel my passions for fitness, nutrition and training. I coached high school and elementary school girls’ volleyball teams for three years, followed by guiding people on their weight management journeys at Krank Brooklyn Strength and Conditioning for another three years. I also continue to challenge myself by competing on the National level.

I’ve found that one of life’s biggest hurdles is understanding how to learn from our pasts and to use those experiences to overcome the obstacles of the present in order to excel as our future selves. Obstacles are hardly easy or comfortable, but through them we are able to grow and more importantly, cause the change in ourselves that we have always dreamed of.


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