1. 12:51 for title. I know it's been a while since my last video! Going to do my best to get back on a regular schedule while busy with other stuff. I will be doing a video talking about the Senate meeting this weekend, so stay tuned for that. If you'd like to interact with me, make sure you check out my Steemit: steemit.com/bitcoin/@cryptovestor/is-the-bitcoin-and-stock-market-crash-related. I also post more frequently on Twitter when MIA on YouTube, so check that out as well if interested: twitter.com/Truth_Investor.

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  3. The consummate voice of reason – seasoned with a healthy dose of skepticism. Seems like business as usual. We're probably on the cusp of another pretty good run-up {MC > 750+K) followed by a cooldown midyear {500K). I see Q3 /Q4 as the coming out party – tech starts really evolve, wallets become more secure, on-ramps for more institutional money. Projects like ETH, LTC, NEO, Cardano & EOS will begin to separate themselves from Bitcoin's movement more and more with the Decentralized exchange pairings, etc.

  4. I don't think so, I think the big wigs thru everything negative at crypto while the stock market went down so people wouldn't jump into crypto, and how strange they band credit cards for purchasing crypto at the same time……….so people can't make the jump easily……..and so the big wigs can buy cheap……..and then pump later and dump.

  5. The crypto market is being manipulated by the same people that manipulate every other market. On Dec 1, the whole market was worth $320 billion. In the month of December, $500 billion came from somewhere, and in January it left again. (See Global Chart on Coinmarketcap.) During this time, the charts for all the different coins looked the same. Even Bitcoin was affected in this way. Since most coins are traded against Bitcoin, you cannot avoid losing money when they are both going down at the same time. Total market cap is tiny when compared to the stock, bond, and precious metals markets that they control quite effectively.

  6. this is really strange situation of course, but I think this is a coincidence .. cause it was not happened before, yes maybe there some weak link, but to my opinion not worth to mention actually
    this is you, to compare some altcoin, like deeponiom for example, behaviour with BTC, even if it will be looking very similar.. but we all know they are not..
    and by the way, BTC has jumped form 6K to 10K already, have stocks market did the same? no? – then it prove my point : just a coincidence

  7. Bitcoin was supposed to come into 2018 10k but it came in around close to 20k so everyone knew that it was just a correction.. It drooped to 8k because of the panic sellers

  8. Why do you use Steemit when none of cryptocurrencies doesn't have real use case? I know that this word cryptocurrency is misleading, but most of them aren't intended to be used as a currency all. One of them is Steem. As an expert in this field you probably knew that Steemit is just an blockchain explorer.

  9. ethereum, dash, litecoin and even dogecoin – the cheapest to move are all bounds and leaps beyond bitcoin in terms of usability and actual value

  10. What do you think of a bubble like Bitcoin which is created almost without credit ? Isn't huge credit usually the catalyst of a bubble popping ? In my opinion because most of the money in crypto in general are debt free ,it's highly unlikely to see bubble bursting. Other huge aspect for why this is not a bubble is that Bitcoin and all crypto losses many times like 50-60-70-80% of all market cap and stil come back stronger. I can't name one baloon in history that in his life prices has such great volatility.

  11. Just too let you know! Btc is going to be overtaken by bitcoin cash.
    That is why the exchanges decided to except bitcoin cash because they knew of its vulnerability being slower to move at the same scale..also when bitcoin cash kicks in gear it will be like an afterburner on a jet full throttle because when bitcoin would go it would pump up the price on alt coins. Bitcoin cash is a faster pump and the alts will climb like a rocket up! I believe that is why bittrex and other exchanges with most of the volume didn't have bank accounts tied in. Now they are going to have accounts to keep there assets from leaving there exchange. Enjoy the ride up and don't forget to put your space helmet on! See you in the next galaxy. LQQks bullish to me

  12. I really enjoy your calm and neutral tone.
    If the world goes to shit, market crashes, usa and n.korea go in war, dollar crashes I want you to be the voice that I will hear about it from! 😀

  13. Great vid!! I think its likely BTC is going to retest the channel @ 4500. I believe the stock market is in the middle of a 5 wave down correction. I'm into T&A and elliotwave analysis. Trying to figure out what to short tomorrow…..

  14. ANOTHER good video. You should mention BTS in such video's where the price is and index of various real and crypto-assets. Haven't seen it all yet, but good start. Thumb-up.

  15. Is it possible for stocks to be connected to cryptocurrencies? Perhaps there is a secret wealth transfer happening into cryptocurrencies. Will stock markets be the thing of the past? Surely everything is starting to be pegged to the cryptocurrency?

  16. Dominance will rise later this year when Bitcoin hits 50k but I don't expect it to go any higher than 42% even that is pushing it. I expect the big winner to be Litecoin this year. Soo….undervalued…

  17. What about this thesis. People that invest in crypto usually spend time reading or watching some sort of financial material that they previously did not and maybe understand not to panic. I also think that crypto craze is will help ppl have better understanding of real market and at some point make a shift to stocks, indexes, bonds etc.

  18. Having watched your Tether video, what is your take on Bitshares? Do you think it is a viable replacement for Tether?

  19. How the fuck can you speak for so long without any tongue ties, without any ummms and aahhs, without any broken sentences, without any grammatical errors, and without losing the speed and control over your voice's volume???? What the fuck, man?

  20. Thank you for your analysis. It looks like the correction is over and buying between 7k-9k is a good price to get in

  21. Last time you said I’m buying bitcoin at 8300 that’s where it went so now you are saying 5k so I sold. Going to wait until it hit 5k

  22. I don't think Wall Street is correlated with crypto and the volatility in crypto is caused by something completely different from this week volatility in Wall Street. Wall Street volatility was more recent and was caused by fears of high inflation. Crypto volatility is caused by the fear of government regulation. This caused a sell-off. The crypto crash began long before this Wall Street correction. I'm bullish on crypto so I'm using this as an opportunity to buy cheap altcoins like DeepOnion, a tor-integrated privacy coin with an ambitious roadmap and proven development team.

  23. Peter Schiff is bearish on Bitcoin since 2012.
    This guy has an empire on top of gold trading and feel threatened by crypto.
    I wouldn't trust this guy.

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  26. Could stock market have adjusted (dropped) due to concerns that Trump could be impeached, and that would mean the loss of a President who is very business oriented? Are the other issues merely sub to this concern or acting in corollary to this concern?

  27. Yeah gold is great for a store of wealth and beating inflation but that doesnt do anything for investors who are looking to make a little profit Gold is a store of wealth not a profitable asset like good stocks and other investments

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