Introduction to PL SQL Online Training Classes part 2

In order to make yourself a true professional you need to always keep updating your skillset at par with the market requirement, that is where quontra solutions explores the opportunities for you to get the best available training from the industry experts in the various technologies that are available in the market, the need to fulfil the supply and demand chart is very much a need in today’s scenario.

With Quontra support, growth is assured. We are providing the best custom fit training for each and every individual client since identifying the right domain and incubate the knowledge with rigor to deliver the most reliable output. We also have what is called the group activity for our corporate clients wherein we provide an enterprise solution with respect to the standards of the company.

SQL Basic SQL Statement, SELECT,FROM Clause Sorting : ORDER BY , WHERE Clause Singlerowfun Multiple Tables Data – Joins Group Functions – GROUP BY Clause Sub Queries Manipulating data Create tables constraints views indexes useraccess. Datetime SET Operators Hierarchial Table Design, Query Database Architecture SQL DataModeller ERD Concepts

PL SQL variables interaction_for_loop_if_else composite data type cursors – 3 types Exceptions procedures functions packages BULK Concepts – Update, Delete, Insert Triggers Oracle Supplied Packages LOB Concepts UTL_FILE Concepts Custom Schema Development Custom Packages Development

Database : Oracle Database 11G Schema : HR, SCOTT, SYSTEM

Tool 1 : SQL Developer

Tool 2 : SQL Developer Data Modeller ERD Design

Tool3 : TOAD



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