Inspector Gadget – Go Go Gadget

Inspector Gadget is childrens one of favorite cartoons.

Inspector Gadget is a cartoon about a clumsy, incompetent detective named Inspector Gadget. He was called Inspector Gadget because he had lots of cool gadgets built into his body. Each episode involves Inspector Gadget saving the world from the evil Dr. Claw. Inspector Gadget usually makes a mess out of things. His niece, Penny, and her dog Brain always come to the rescue and solve the case. But Inspector Gadget remains clueless and thinks he’s the hero of the day.
The Inspector Gadget theme song is one of the best ever. And you may recognize the voice of Inspector Gadget. It is the voice of Don Adams, star of the 60s television show, “Get Smart”.
But the coolest thing about Inspector Gadget is his gadgets themselves. To activate his many gadgets, Inspector Gadget gives the command “Go, Go Gadget –” and then names the gadget he wishes to use.



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