1. I only started crypto / trading in general mid- December, I only found this gem 5 days ago when the price dropped into my buy-in range…. This is going to be SO huge. I do IT Portfolio/Investment management (public sector), and even the government has blockchain clouds in their roadmaps. The roadmaps are within the OMB circulars; since part of portfolio management is mitigating risks, not complying to regulation/ guidelines is a huge risk, so I have to read these circulars in depth.

    1st thing I thought about when I saw this was the need for it, I bet you 80% of businesses have cloud storage somewhere in their roadmaps, blockchain is the most efficient and organized way (and a lot cheaper than maintaining outdated software)

    It also reminds me of sharepoint, but sharepoint is quickly becoming outdated, I think this can be as big/ bigger than sharepoint. I am happy that it went back down, when I saw the historical price data on Coinmarketcap I was shocked at how low it went back down to . I wish I could get more πŸ™

  2. I found out too late.. but am still putting some $$ on this coin. This coin still have potential to hit $20 end of 2018. 🀞

  3. Hi, what do you think about SONM? It looks so promising and much better than Golem. How do you see it comparing to iExec?

  4. people keep getting fucked over with your late alerts. you post these videos so people buy and drive the price up, then you sell it and people get fucked over. that shit aint right.

  5. I agree. Ill buy 500. I got lisk at about 65 cents a few years back shit exploded. I have the same feeling about this one.

  6. Hey man, let us chase this coin called
    eXperience Points [XP], it is a gaming coin and a Hybrid PoW + PoS coin. In fact, it has been the highest gainer for the past 2 weeks now as a result high demand from Japan. This coin is less that one SAT now, but could hit 100 SAT in a few months time because of high demand from Asia. Could you kindly review it?


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