HW News – Intel GPU in “2019,” nVidia Mining Revenue

Hardware news for the last week talks rumors of an Intel GPU unveil for 2019, nVidia’s GPU mining revenue numbers, gaming GPU marketshare, and more.
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Intel “could” be showing a GPU in 2019, according to rumors, though we don’t know how believable those are at this time — that does seem awfully early. Intel’s Z390 chipset block diagram was also detailed and, compared to Z370, it’s not all that different. We talk about Intel chipset differences (Z390 vs. Z370) in this segment. Separately, nVidia posted its earnings results for this last quarter, indicating a significant uptick in mining revenue from GPU sales. The company also illustrated that gaming remains greater than 50% of its total revenue. Ryzen Pro APUs also got an announcement, and we talk some specs here, along with differences between Ryzen Pro and non-Pro (desktop).

Other topics include net neutrality, Intel requesting an extension on Spectre-NG patches, EK’s hard tubing water kits, Gigabyte entering the SSD market, and hardware sales.

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