1. Yes of course ! One of the most intriguing factors of binary options is the fact that they have a very fast turnover and therefore a quick payout. I try many system to earn money online. But i had huge loss. Then i used FIRST MILLION ROAD i had no loss and i got huge profit.

  2. Is it ok worker stat is not loading or showing but if you look at command window its accepting shares. How would you know that its working properly? Can someone help?

  3. when I follow these steps for my nvidia card the cmd.exe does not open. I see something flash for a second but nothing happens. Any ideas?

  4. hi crypto explorer, may i ask suggestion for the minimum spec of PC or laptop which is good for this mining software? thank you so much (so that i can decide whether i need to buy a new PC/laptop or not)

  5. Hi Crypto Explorer, I followed all your instructions but whenever I click the start.bat, it would just give me the black screen very quickly and then it would close again. What else should I have done?

  6. Hi crytpo explorer, i would really appreciate you help i followed instruction and i have setup coinomi wallet for android, i mined overnight but got nothing in my wallet, i dont know how long it should take to start getting deposits? is there anything i have to do beside make sure i put my wallet address in the miner start.bat file? like you did?

  7. Hi! i would like to ask you something about the costs. do you think there is a minimum system requirements to satisfy, in order to mine BG?? thanks in advance for any answer……

  8. Very nice tutorial but can you please specify which android BG wallet are you using and was there any windows version already?


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