How to Make Money Online In 2018 w/ Social Media Marketing ($20K/m Per Month)

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On this video, I speak about tips on how to generate income on-line in 2018 utilizing social media advertising and marketing.

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  1. It seesm you have some good ideas but DUD, this video sucks…It's driving me crazy I can only see part of you shared screen, and how you have to keep stopping to adjust things! Whew. Redo? lol

  2. i been trying to buy your Course but i have no creditcard. Is there any other way in wich i can get it from the Netherland?

  3. My brother just recommended your channel, look forward to the videos, my biggest challenge, finding my niche 🙂

  4. BTW, DAN, I'VE MENTIONED IT BEFORE…i share your vids all the time on G+, FB, Twitter, this girl from Jersey said she liked all your tutorials & bought your simple system, she allegedly hit some wrong things and got way overcharged, but it was her fault. Anyway I joined quite a few blogger communities on FB, cuz i am a newbie and get overwhelmed & i literally need a tutor sitting next to me, but Dan, YOU ARE JUST A LIL TOOOOO BUSY SOMETIMES. i need some simple stuff answered, wheres your assistance? hired hands to help people that get stuck. In your new program coming out consider hiring a couple people that can do some live chat and help people out.

  5. Dan, don't think dear that your genorousity isn't appreciated AND i don't know abt others, i can speak for myself….i have a book written full of your wonderful instructions. for my 50+ yr old brain i'm sometimes on INFO OVERLOAD. AND NOW THAT AMAZON HAS A NEW PLUG-IN FOR LINKS SPECIFICALLY FOR THEIR PRODUCTS…..i can't figure out how to set that up? and i'm a little stuck on your deadbeat theme…can someone help me guide me thru getting it set up. The default WP page is nice with the potted plants and for an opening page for what i'm promoting newage health(farm 2 table)for a healthier body as we get older. BUT PERSONALLY WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? SHOULD MY OPENING PAGE BE? A "SIMPLE 'KRUZE' LAYOUT OR THE DEADBEAT LAYOUT?

  6. dude you rock !! Enjoyed the stream – Gonna explore these videos more in depth- Letting this run but have my own stream tonight gonna shout you out tonight you are gonna see some wacky people over here!! #139 like was me

  7. I bought the deadbeat over a year ago and I already made probably 5 websites wasted a lot of money I'm not saying it doesn't work I'm really not good with this ☹️ someone plz help me I'm having issues with money…

  8. Hey Dan buddy, awesome video and great content as always… Your tips and suggestions do work well 🙂 I'm a huge fan of yours! Have messaged you on FB, pls check.. Cheers!

  9. Dan – sorry dude, but you got to get your tech act together. You provide some of the best content out there, but you lose people because of the lack of prep. No matter what, I'm a HUGE Fan!

  10. Is there, or will there be, a $17 version of your social media training if we do not have the $497 for the training you’re promoting for December 3?

  11. How can i get an autographed clothing set of yours(the robe, T-shirt and pyjamas). I am serious! You really are my role model.

  12. @DanBrock will you be not offering the super affiliate course as soon as you release your new youtube course?
    i really want to get into the deadbeat course planning on the 15th of december before I can Join?

  13. hi deadbeat. I purchased your course, I wanted to know does the Seo tactics you give in the course still relevant to 2017?

  14. Is this USA specific or does it work anywhere in the world? I live in Australia and want to know if this advice is useful to me

  15. I'm 14 and want to start affiliate marketing but my mom won't let me because she thinks that I'll be scamming people if I make an article about something that I don't own. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can convince her to let me start?

  16. Dan, I finally purchased your system. I wish I would have done so a year ago. I run a boarding house for children, so money is tight. As soon as I rack in a little cash, I am goinf to join your University. I really enjoy your content. You are realistic and honest.
    P.S. What Product do You recommend for skin tag removal.


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