How to Get Better at HANZO!! (Hanzo Tips and Tricks)

►In the present day in Overwatch, now we have a information for you on the right way to get higher at Hanzo! I am going to attempt go contact on issues which are extra playstyle oriented and hopefully will show helpful to you on the market struggling to get respectable video games with him.

Clearly the individuals who have performed Hanzo for some time will most likely know all this -good on you.


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  1. 1:57 Horrible Hazno maiming (enemy Hanzo).
    4:26 Basically shooting in the general direction of the enemies and hoping or landing a shot. You're getting good at Hanzo
    5:54 True.
    8:10 Dragonstrikes on their own are a little tricky.

    I'm not rude, but this tip alone is the only tip for Hanzo. Try not to panic.
    You will frantically shoot arrows in hopes for an easy kill, and sometimes it works. But for the love of god, calmly shoot at the heads.

  2. i play hanzo, its fun, but very easy… i keep getting the "hacker" and "reported" thingy from others in the game and it ruins the feeling of being good (i am now level 90 and i have ONLY played hanzo so people call me a smurf too…)

  3. I like to use my dragon strike in my spawn and aim at the objective so I can catch my enemies off guard with a dragon coming out of a wall with no warning

  4. Sonic arrow is awesome though,if you're going against another sniper you can just predict,it's kind of easy.

  5. quiet good tips there, keep it up 🙂 ive played overwatch for about 2 weeks now and played hanzo a lot, but i learned 1-2 things at least so this could help a lot of people ^^

  6. Used to be really good as him like 26 kills each round, i stopped playing for a month when i got back in to it, i'm just Decent now with little moments where i'm like how i used to… trying to be good again lol

  7. nice vid it's actually pretty helpful cus i started using Hanzo like 2 weeks ago and tried to main him. These tips helped and I'm even better now


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