1. Hi!! Great video.. just wanted to ask you a question.. I'm trying to integrate bitcoin payments on my website.. I want to receive bitcoin as payment for services and advertisements on the website. Now the problem is that I'm not sure how all of this works.. coz this is not a product website.. after I receive payment for advertising I will start hosting ads according to buyer specifications.. so how do I match the payment received in btc to who actually paid and whose advertisements to show for how long and where??.. this is probably a very basic question.. but I have no understanding of this and would really appreciate your help..

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  3. my friend who uses coinbase wants to send me btc . i'm also with coinbase. please someone tell me how i can send him my bitcoin address . thank you

  4. So a couple of companies have transactions to me saying In progress or payment pending. Why are they pending I thought Blockchain receive transactions are FREE. What can I do to process the payments. do i need a certain amouint in my wallet because I friend asked if I paid the transaction fee. I asked what transaction fee?

  5. hi steve thanks for your video…i would like to know more about how to accept payment through card from my website….thanks again.


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