Health tips 7 English/300418

Hello one and all …

As we are discussing the tips and technique how to be healthy…lets discus about another tips today

We were seeing ,how to cleanse our physical body that is Oil pulling as 1st technique…

Today lets see another technic of cleansing process…

Stomach cleaning …

Even every day we are cleaning our house, 6 months once or yearly once based on accumulation we are cleaning our house.

Do you remember when you clean your internal body?

If answer is

First time im hearing about internal cleansing

What do you mean that cleansing?

It means you have to clean your body immediately. Here is the process

Once in 3 months we have to cleanse our body.

2 hours After dinner take 2 to 3 spoon of Haritaki powder in tamil its called kadukkai podi with hot water

If you  are having dinner at 7 pm then you have to take kadukai podi after 9 pm

After that when ever you feel to drink water have to drink only warm water

Then early morning you no need to wake up, automatically you will wake up

Then stomach will start to cleanse,

Prepare a drink that is mix Rock Salt and Jaggery in water, when ever you feel tired take Rock Salt and Jaggery drink.

Once stomach is cleaned, only water will come out,

After the completion of this process you will not feel hungry. Once you feel hungry then take soft foods like idly, idiyapam or curd rice ect On that day …

From next day you can take normal food…

So lets start to keep our body healthy without any toxins in it.

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Stay healthy by having a clear and neat physical body both in internal and external



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