English Vocabulary for EXERCISING at the GYM

Fearful about that “spare tire” or “muffin high” persons are pointing at? No, we do not imply automobile components or baked items. It is time to get in form, so head to the gymnasium! On this lesson I will aid you get “shredded” with out having to fret about English. You’ll study some widespread phrases and expressions about exercising, health, and gymnasium tools. Additionally, you will learn to clarify your health targets to a private coach. Prepared? Let’s get “jacked”. http://www.engvid.com/english-vocabulary-exercise-gym/


Hello once more. Welcome again to www.engvid.com. I am Adam. Immediately’s lesson is about getting you in form. What does that imply? It means going to the gymnasium and exercising, and all of the vocabulary you have to try this effectively. When you go to the gymnasium and you have to converse to a private coach or a health coach, she or he will use these phrases that can assist you get a really good physique.

So let’s begin with these. Initially, most individuals who go to the gymnasium wish to “get in form”. It doesn’t suggest they wish to grow to be sq. or a circle or a triangle. It means they wish to have a very good physique, and likewise to really feel wholesome. They wish to breathe simpler, they need to have the ability to stroll or run for an extended time, they need to have the ability to be ok with their bodily situation.

Now, lots of people additionally go to the gymnasium as a result of they need these items. They wish to be “match”. “Match” principally means wholesome. Some individuals wish to get “toned”. They need some strains right here and there; they do not wish to be spherical. They need extra strains, a bit bit extra displaying muscle groups; a bit bit much less displaying fats.

Some individuals wish to get “minimize”. Now, “minimize” implies that you see all of the strains the place all of the muscle groups are or ought to be, since you’ve labored out so much. You’ve little or no fats, extra muscle. Now, some individuals wish to get “shredded”. “Shredded” means like very, very, very minimize. So in case you suppose, for instance, Brad Pitt, within the film Combat Membership, he was shredded. Little or no fats, all muscle, and minimize in all the precise locations.

Then in case you say somebody is “jacked”, then you definately consider Arnold Schwarzenegger. Earlier than he was a politician, a bit bit earlier than he was an actor, he was a bodybuilder. He was “jacked”; he had big muscle groups all over the place. “Ripped” and “shredded” principally imply the identical factor. These are all slang phrases for “toned”, principally. And everyone needs like a “six-pack abs”. They need one, two, three, 4, 5, six. You must work very onerous for that. You must do away with a whole lot of fats to get all of the muscle groups to point out up. Consider: all of these items, they’re extra a couple of way of life than about exercising, however you must train to get all these items.

Okay, so what are you able to do to train? You’ll be able to “work out”. One factor you are able to do, you may stroll round your home every single day after dinner and, you recognize, work your digestive system. All of the meals you ate goes to the precise locations, all the pieces okay. However you may as well “work out”, means you go to the “gymnasium” the place they’ve all of the weights, all of the machines, you may train. “Work out”, train.

Why? Since you wish to do away with your “spare tire”. Now, this occurs much more to males, however a spare tire. So, you recognize in your automobile when you’ve got a flat tire, within the again, you’ve a spare tire? So think about carrying that spare tire round your abdomen. You are skinny, skinny, skinny, fats, skinny, skinny, skinny, skinny. That is your spare tire.

Now, males even have “love handles”, you may seize them on the facet and you may play with them. I will not clarify an excessive amount of the place the “love deal with” time period comes from, however that is what they’re referred to as.

Ladies, then again, it is referred to as a “muffin high”. As a result of you recognize when you’ve a muffin, there’s the paper, and then-whoop-it comes out? So in case you’re sporting actually tight denims after which a bit bit stands proud, that is your muffin high. So, you go to the gymnasium, you wish to do away with all these items.

Some individuals wish to “bulk up”, means they wish to get greater. They wish to “construct muscle”. Muscle. Some individuals wish to “slim down”, means they wish to get thinner. They wish to “burn fats”. So that you construct muscle, you burn fats. Ideally, you do each on the identical time. And, in fact, extra necessary than all of this: food regimen. You must cease consuming McDonalds, you must cease consuming pizza, you must cease consuming dangerous meals if you wish to get any of these items.

Now, what are you able to do on the gymnasium? You are able to do “weights”. “Weights” means like precise bodily, heavy issues that you simply carry, and so forth., you do every kind of issues with them. Or you possibly can do “cardio”. “Cardio” is brief for “cardiovascular”, it means working the lungs, working the within, getting the physique, the blood to move correctly, getting your air passages to open and shut correctly.

One factor you are able to do for cardio is “aerobics”, so you recognize, like leaping jacks, and all that stuff, and operating, and all these items, workouts on the ground. You do solely along with your physique and a whole lot of motion to get the within to burn fats.



  1. You are a good teacher with impressive features catching the attention of listeners. Keep on teaching. We love your videos very much. It is exciting and helping.

  2. Good job, Adam. Who wants an extra video about working out, enjoy. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pTsmOjfCFwcworkout

  3. So, I am still learning english, andI want to ask. If someone's using a machine I want to use in the gym, what can I ask them in order to sound polite and also utilize the same machine.

  4. This is a nice lesson for beginners , maybe you can do a lesson emphasizing on common gym conversations , like sharing machines, buying a subscription, asking for help etc. Thank you 🙂


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