EA Sports Active 2: Real Fitness

Create limitless customizable exercises with over 70 workouts and actions to select from, together with foundational workouts like squats, lunges, and bicep curls and enjoyable health actions resembling mountain boarding, basketball, and boxing. Obtain new exercises and workouts to maintain exercises recent and preserve motivation.



  1. @Isonny21
    Most people actually get this as a GUIDE to excersice. So they would know how much to do WHILE having a fun time doing it. This is a family excersice game. Most don't get it because they think its easy, thats a silly judgement you have there.

    People also don't have the cash nowadays to be buying equipment and a heart rate tracker can cost a good deal of money BY ITSELF.

    Its a good buy.

  2. @chrisgtx22 Lol i was kidding how the fuck would i loose 10 stone :L you look like a div for using that shitty quote :L faggot

  3. @skipper847 You can get real heart rate monitors dirt cheap. I'm not sure that you can use the EA sports heart rate monitor away from the game. You can buy them for like ten dollars.

  4. Your mom is soo FAT she tried to find a cheat for this game!!!
    Like if u find it Funny
    also sub and rate my vidoes :)) cheers

  5. this kind of infomercial is why the rest of the world think Americans are stupid, where do they find these people and who buys into this crap?

  6. Seems alot more expensive than a regular gym subscription….I mean really, first you need to buy a HOUSE with a living room big enough for KINECT LMAO

  7. well of course it would be better but not everyone has that gym stuff at home or can evan afford the cost of the gym membership
    not onl that some peolpe need a gym buddie to keep them motivated anything that can get your heart rate up has to be good


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