DRIVING TIPS ON AVOIDING ANPR (If you’ve got no insurance i hope you get busted)

Omg…another video bound to cause controversy ~ Order Of Magnitude clearly condones violating traffic laws and how to get away with it ~ thumbdown, thumbsdown Fuummbbb…Dooowwwnn…- but no comment… actually please watch the video in its entirety ~ this is to help those who do everything right but get done by an over zealous bobby on a very slow day… like the examples shown. This is purely information, how you use the information is up to you but i am against no insurance ~ if nothing else before any of those 4 wheels touch the queens highway make sure your are protected against damages to the public. Make sure your car is in a road worthy condition. The difference between a car mechanically sound and a car being safe are worlds apart. Example ~ my car is obviously very “ill” and i can only use less than 15 percent of its potential unless i want to be stuck there and then with a blown engine ~ but in safety terms i have 4 tyres way above the legal limit, and 4 discs and pads in good condition and even all my airbags are now miraculously working again… i don’t want to get into the politics of all of the rules and regulations as it changes from country to country, i am just pretty much bed struck at the mo, unwell and bored so thought i’d play with my toy cars under a guise so i look edgy?! ~ hows that slimy firtless? ~ that sounds more credible lol.
Special thanks to my 8 and growing patreans being patient ~ they got a photo of me looking my best to be used the ransom later on.
Once im over this bug which has actually struck down the entire family bar Camaro, ive got a lot planned and i will do visits to locations where i can by merging journeys together due to the deterioration of Daisy-mae… yes yes i know ~ gofundme ~ ive got a lot to do… but my patreons just told me just put up a fun video for the while so this is kind of what this is…. a bit of fun seeing Magnitude play with his toy cars in bed, while recovering.
Many thanks and I shall see you very soon

In its infancy ~ i plan to do a patrean only video soon with rewards… but no suggestions yet ~ don’t wish to disclued those that can’t afford to support so i am trying to think hard on this.

One off tips, i know some wish only to support this way on a basis they are happy with ~ but i wish to reward you as i reward the patreans because you help just as much so if i livestream is set for patreans only ~ i would certainly be willing to give you the private links to such things.

Special thanks to you all!!



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