Dragon Ball FighterZ Tips & Tricks: How the Pros Do It

Dragon Ball FighterZ: 10 Suggestions & Tips: How the Execs Do It. After watching EVO 2017 for about 12 hours, listed below are some suggestions and tips.
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  1. I suck I only got two wins this is my first fighter since MK vs DC I just loved DBS so I got this it's still fun even tho I've only beaten two ppl but I am getting better taking some fighters out now

  2. never even ran into tip 6 lol…thats the worst tip im sute everybody knows when its blue u can escape the combo

  3. I was always having trouble trying to figure out a good technique to start combos and from watching this video I had no idea about jumping back and using an assist is really helpful to starting a good combo

  4. For the PS4 there's three characters and when you press L1 the middle one he or she will come out to fight, and when you press L2 he or she come out to fight.Tip:you can being out a very damaged opponent.

  5. If you want to switch to the opponents first assist character, grab the character and hold L1. For the second assist character hold L2. If you have an Xbox, go shut it off and buy a ps4.

  6. Hey tgnanime, just letting you and everyone else know. It's the same principle of switching enemy players out with dragon rush as it is to call your own fighterz in. You use L1 for second character, and of course L2 for their 3rd character. 🖒

  7. to force a switchon the opponent you use the dragon rush (the combo that acts like a throw) and hit one of the switch character buttons mid or late rush combo animation.

  8. pretty good vid, bu ti think you could use less of the camera that shows you. I believe that most people come to the game advice, not the face of the guy who is talking about it.

  9. To counter super dash I think a good Heavy atk is a good way to do it (it say get off!!!!) And most of the time I did it in the beta it worked well (I don't know if it supose to work like that but a good Heavy working really well for me But I most said I only used it like 3 time because I totally forgot it could work and only find it at the end of the beta…)

  10. Literally won my first ever match online after watching this video..especially how to punish dragon rushing! Thanks a lot! Subbing

  11. Bro, I just wanna thank you for the videos you have. The beta is currently out and your mechanics and character videos are a godsend. You have my subscription.

  12. How do you do the air juggle? I see them in the air hit 2 or 3 times then continue in momentum in the air with another 2 hits to a knockdown to a super. How do u do the air juggle? Is it just up and an attack button?

  13. there aren't any pros yet since the game has not been released and nobody is getting paid to play. I mean, that is what professional means.

  14. Jump backwards at the start? I would say that isn't a good idea. You put yourself closer to the corner for no reason. It's not even that great for defense. I recommend just crouch blocking and react to what the opponent does.


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