Dragon Ball FighterZ – Broly Tips & Tricks Volume 2

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First time ever, a second quantity for Ideas and Tips for one character! The unique suggestions/tips video is right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfDIK-HoWOM The whole lot in that video remains to be legitimate, this video is extra of a supplemental/addition to it!

0:49 – Broly blockstring seize mixups half 1
5:33 – Broly blockstring seize mixups(extra superior) half 2
9:17 – Lowering projectile pushback on block
11:39 – Deflect into offense
13:59 – “Tiger knee”ing your anti-air grabs!
17:20 – nook homing sprint stress
20:02 – in closing

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  1. First ever Vol. 2 for a tips guide! Lots more to say about Broly I guess. This doesn't invalidate the old Tips guide but is rather a supplemental addition to it.

  2. This mix up is what all ways gets me….just yesterday I played this player who wasn't exactly that good if you ask me but knew his combos..and 7/10 times he would catch me with this mixup and that's where most of his damage came from…his other 2 characters where alright but def had easier time with them…you have to have ultra instinct when faced with this mix up and just unconsciously make your decision lol

  3. A few thoughts, Rooflemonger.

    1) How feasible do you think it is to go for the command grab during a blockstring and time an assist along with it such that if they rightly scout the grab and attempt to jump out, the assist will hit them out of pre-jump frames, but if they don't jump, the command grab will connect?

    2) If Broly uses j.5H to cross-up in the more "traditional", "Street Fighter" way (where you're still facing the direction you were when you jumped but you're directly over the head of and just past your opponent using a jump normal with a hitbox far enough below and towards the back of your character that it still clips the upper back portion of your opponent's character's hurtbox), so that the pushback would still push the opponent in the direction Broly was moving, and Broly then canceled that j.5H to j.2H, would he cross back up to the original side, and would it combo? His j.2H stops all his momentum and has him go straight up and then straight down, so the opponent should slide backwards so that Broly is back on their original side, right?

    3) In sparking, do you think it's possible for Broly to use the grounded 2H option-select to buffer a homing dash in the event of a hit and an instant-air air command grab in the event of a block? All normals are jump cancellable on block in sparking, so he should be able to do that if he sandwiches the homing dash input between that for the jump and the command grab, right? Seems like if he buffered that behind an anti-air 2H attempt, it would be hard as hell to avoid the command grab if you blocked the 2H.

  4. I gotta say a Goku Black tried a level 3 on me and Broly's Lv 1 beat it. Broly has definitely got all the bases covered.

  5. I definitely need to practice these new techs, especially the Tiger Knee mid-air grabs. Maybe then, I'll be able to last longer with my Broly, plus learn how to get out of the opposing Broly's pressure!

  6. Is Broly OP? It seems like he's great at _everything_, and while people say he (ironically) doesn't do great damage, he doesn't seem to really be a slouch on that front. Even with no meter, no assist, no sparking, his corner BNB is like 4k damage, and he's great at getting the enemy in the corner. I wouldn't call that kind of damage output a flaw.

  7. I use standing L and command grab always get them ultil someone start adapting the use blockstring, i have trouble when to use the lariat on pressure

  8. Honesty I'd panic too if I fought a 7ft legendary super syaian/demon with armor on almost all of his moves, and has a command grab in his arsenal 😅


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