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To summarize it up -:

This is a vegan mono eating diet,no salt/sugar where you’re eating just one kind of fruit for 7 days.
In this case bananas 🍌
* 25-30 bananas per day (yes you read that right) only then your body gets its daily dose of nutritional needs sorted
*a handful of dry fruits
*6-7 dates
*greens like spinach/mint/cucumber (no salt)
*flavor enhancers like lemon/cocoa powder
*green tea/tea/coffee (without milk)
*this diet is strictly not recommended for people with sugar related health problems/diabetes/candida/low blood pressure patients/pregnant/lactating women

Only these things are food and nothing else can be had!
Recipes for the banana diet -:

Be cautious if you have diabetes or other health issues which forbid you from high fruit intake.

Have atleast a 15 min workout sesh along with this.

If you decide to do it with any other fruit,there is no specific quantity as to how many you can eat,so basically I follow this rule when I do it with mangoes -: EAT TILL IM FULL/SATISFIED.

This is not a permanent fix! When you get back to your normal food make healthy choices and workout or you’ll put on weight again!

I do this diet once in two months to keep my weight in check.

Rest of the time I follow the 80:20 diet -:

Good luck guys!!!!! 😊👍🏼



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