1. Man I really did not realize how much you have improved on the quality of your videos in just a few years. Your more recent videos really blow these out of the water. And that intro lol. I know I hate my old intros. I wonder how you feel looking back lol. Great info for old machines though. But that is an old old old machine. I wonder about 2006-7 era dual core systems that were common.

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  4. you might be better off cure coin folding at lite to med cpu. then sell cure coin to bitcoin. if i had to pick i would say curecoin folding is where it is at vs bitcoin minine with any cpu.

  5. I will be mining with Coinomia over 100,000 miners involved they been mining Bitcoins since 2014 ,open an account as low as $100. USD http://coinomia.com/?id=RichieGlobal

  6. what if you a bunch of old/ partially broken computers bought, donated, crowdsoarsed whatever and at full capacity using all components available and running as efficiently as possible basically 24/7 while taking out electricity from the equation on a single pool mining the most optimal coin for maximum profit how much could you feasibly make?

  7. I know that 2 years have passed since u uploaded this video but u should remove those unnecesary optical drive,floppy drive,and gpu for low power consumption. And install MicroXP because it uses like 50mb of ram and 100mb on hdd.Hope.this helps to evry1 who wants to start mining bitcoins…

  8. Buy some bitcoins and Make them work for you with Bitcoin Cloud Mining Like id do. You Thank me latter https://hashocean.com/?rid=245046

  9. where can one get the software for bitcoin mining? and what about a tutorial to set it up to run to mine for your own private wallet? I understand its a waste of electricity (esp in modern times) but it can also be used for a method to get cetain services (furk account) that you might otherwise have to pay for in some other means.

  10. kind of late but here's my 2 cents:
    – OpenCL mining (that would be GPU usage) its far more efficient than CPU mining
    – Bitcoin miner machines usually have a downclocked low-end CPU (celeron or sempron) just the bare minimal needed for supporting the OS and the bitcoin miner
    – Multiple GPUs are used in bitcoin mining, the best gpu for mining its the more power-efficient one, since you are "playing" against your power bill.
    – Everything else should be disconected (HDD, all ram except 1 slot, Optical drives, onboard sound). A good mining "OS could be a puppy linux running from USB Flash drive and Ram installed, since it will consume less than a 5200rpm HDD.
    – The OS could be linux or windows, but always should be an "empty" version of the OS, no updates, no antivirus, no background process, no nothing except the bitcoin miner.

  11. my pc was $600 and i only get 20khash/second 🙁

  12. +AA Computers and Technology I know times passed a bit now, but cheap IR thermometer gun's on ebay now cost about 7 dollars shipped…

  13. I used my raspberry pi 2's for bitcoin mining. It has a 900mhz processor and 1 Gb of ram. I was able to get 500mhps and 25 shares in 10 minutes.

  14. Wouldn't the electric bill be higher than the bitcoin profits with any system you use given more powerful computers naturally use more power?


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