Bathing with neem water : Health benefits in english


Bathing with neem water : Health benefits in english

5 Health Benefits of Bathing with Neem Water

Indians have used the various parts of the neem tree to cure diseases and ailments for over 5000 years.

Maybe that’s why the Sanskrit name for neem – nimba – means good health.

And while we understand why you may not be very keen on consuming neem (since it is quite bitter), that shouldn’t stop you from reaping the numerous health benefits of bathing with neem water.

1 Cure for Skin Diseases

With over 140 medically-active compounds in its various parts, the neem tree is an excellent antimicrobial agent.

That means if you are suffering from8 skin infections, taking a bath with boiled neem water can help you cure your affliction within a few days to weeks. In fact, people suffering from chicken pox are especially asked to do just this to get rid of the disease fast.
And the water works wonders for non-infectious, autoimmune skin disease too, like psoriasis and eczema.

2 Acne, Blackheads, and Scars

Taking a bath with boiled neem water can cure your acne problem. Plus it is great at getting rid of the scars left behind by burst pimples.

3 Destroys Body Odor

is produced by bacteria, which love to multiply in the warm and moist parts of our body, like the groin and the armpits.

So if you are worried about the distinct muggy smell coming off of you, taking a bath with boiled neem water can help you get rid of it.

4 Removes Dandruff and Gives Your Hair a Lustrous Shine

Neem is excellent for all hair woes because, with its ability to de-clog the pores of your scalp and tighten them up, it not only rids you off dandruff but also leaves you with a mane of shiny, smooth hair.

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