Anaheim workers compensation settlements amounts Phone 1-562-498-4600 Ainbinder and Pratt Phone 562-498-4600 Ainbinder and Pratt

If you’ve been injured on duty or are experiencing pain as a result of repetitive work or exposure to toxic conditions, you may have a workers’ compensation claim that entitles you to, not only medical treatment but monetary compensation additionally.

If You’re Worried About Attorneys’ Fees, Don’t Be … We Work On a Contingency Basis So That You Get Paid Or You Don’t Pay At All.

You pay no upfront fees when you hire us to represent you. We simply take 15% at the end of your case from any settlement we get for you. If we don’t get you money, you don’t owe us anything.


Lots of individuals are familiar with the term “Statute of Limitations”, but often aren’t aware of the legal time limits contained within such statutes. It holds true, you have a limited amount of time within which to notify your employer of an injury and to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, there are different filing requirements and different classification of injuries, so call and talk with one of our workers’ compensation lawyers today to discuss your particular situation. Don’t make the mistake that countless others do and wait too long to speak with a lawyer. Your entitlement to compensation is at stake– act today!

Anaheim workers compensation settlements amounts Phone 1-562-498-4600 Ainbinder and Pratt

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