8 Best Foods that Keep You Cool & Hydrated – Healthiest Foods For Summer | Summer Foods

8 Best Foods that Keep You Cool & Hydrated- 8 Foods that Keep Your Body Cool In This Summer – Healthiest Foods For Summer | Health & Nutrition- Foods that Keep You Cool In Summer – Summer Foods – Foods For Summer – Summer Season Foods – Healthy Foods For Summer – How To Be Cool In Summer – Foods To Reduce Body Heat – Best foods that keep you cool in summer – Men’s Health & Fitness Tips

8 Foods that Keep Your Body Cool In Summer – Healthiest Foods For Summer

There are “warming foods” and “cooling foods”—and the definitions have nothing to do with their temperature.

“It is said that cooling foods help to clear heat and toxins from the body,

Foods that Keep You Cool In Summer :

#8. Zucchini

Zucchini is actually a type of summer squash that can range in color from yellow to a dark green. In addition to containing vitamin C and important phytonutrients, zucchini is a great source of manganese. The mineral can help protect your body from free radicals (particularly of concern during the summer months when you’re more susepatble to sun damage) and also promotes collagen production and healthy bone tissue growth.

#7. Lemon

Citrus has a cooling effect on the body and promotes detoxification. Everyone knows how important it is to drink a ton of water every day, but plain ol’ H2O can be boring. Time and time again experts recommend adding lemon to your water not only for its skin and immune-boosting benefits, but because it actually encourages you to drink more water overall.

#6. Leafy greens

Is there anything that leafy greens can’t do for your body? Spinach, kale, collard greens, and romaine take the nutritional cake (so to speak) for healing and helping your body. Since greens have a high water content, they’re easy to digest. This means your body doesn’t have to work as hard, which saves you energy and keeps you cool.

#5. Pineapple

Along with banana, spinach, kale and cucumber, pineapple makes for a kick-ass green smoothie booster. In fact, all of these ingredients are considered to be cooling, so blend away. Pineapple is also the only known source of an enzyme called bromelain, which is credited for reducing inflammation in the body.

#4. Apples

Pair apples with peanut butter for the perfect snack that will cool you down and fill you up. Apples contain about 4g fiber for around 95 calories. They also contain a type of soluble fiber called pectin, which has been found to stop hunger in its tracks and aid in weight loss.

#3. Peaches

peaches are another cool, seasonal pick. Not only are they delicious this time of year, but they also contain vitamins A and C, which promote healthy skin—and at 35-50 calories a pop, they make the perfect diet-friendly dessert.

#2. Watermelon

No day at the beach is complete without some fresh slices of watermelon, and you’re actually doing your body a favor by keeping the tradition alive. “It’s so helpful to eat seasonally. In the summer, cooling foods like watermelon can act like internal A/C, while in the winter, warming foods like meat, spices, and root vegetables can act like an internal space heater.”

#1. Cucumber

Being “cool as a cucumber” might actually have some weight to it. Cucumbers are incredibly hydrating, and staying adequately hydrated during the hotter months is crucial. Snack on cucumber slices and hummus, or if you’re truly desperate for some heat relief, “a green juice with lots of cucumber and lemon is a great way to stay hydrated and cool.

So Eat These Foods To Get Cool In this Summer Time.

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