6 Video Editing Tips, Tricks and Drills – Monday Filmmaking 101 – Basic Filmmaker Ep 145

It’s not an editing session – it’s tips, tricks and drills that you can do to become a crack video editor! Links to each subject and the videos mentioned are below. I also include a bajillion jump cuts and zooms just to show how irritating this can be. 🙂

Filmmaker IQ: https://www.youtube.com/user/FilmmakerIQcom
Sound: https://youtu.be/o6YA8zKY4qQ
Commercials: https://youtu.be/0sKXftjOoCk
YouTube Goals/Schedules: https://youtu.be/dB-DH1BveD0

Intro 13:02
Disclaimer 25:10
Pro Video Editors 45:19
One Man Band Filmmakers 1:01
Be An Editor 1:20
Edit Like An Editor 1:59
Example 2:19
Flick The Editor Switch 3:24
How To Edit 4:10
Editing Example 4:30
The Editor Drill 7:20
Length Warning 7:58
Editing Failure Points 8:20
Next Week 9:48
Sad Subscribe Attempt 10:17
Outtakes 10:43

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