50 Entrepreneurs share priceless advice

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1) Jeff Bezos – Amazon – 0:00
2) Steve Jobs – Apple – 0:12
3) Pierre Omidyar – eBay – 0:33
4) Michael Dell – Dell – 0:59
5) Sergey Brin – Google 1:16
6) Biz Stone – Twitter 1:35
7) Gary Vaynerchuk – Wine Library 1:50
8) Daniel Ek – Spotify – 1:58
9) Kevin Rose – Digg, Tiiny – 2:29
10) James Altucher – ‘Select Your self’ – 2:55
11) Robert Greene – ‘Mastery’ – 3:21
12) Man Kawasaki – Apple – 3:35
13) Steve Wozniak – Apple – 4:06
14) Mark Cuban – Broadcast – 4:26
15) Sam Altman – Loopt – 5:01
16) Tony Fadell – Nest – 5:12
17) Danae Ringelmann -Indiegogo – 5:26
18) Simon Sinek – ‘Begin With Why’ – 5:46
19) Seth Godin – Advertising guru – 6:25
20) Evan Williams – Blogger, Twitter, Medium – 6:52
21) Reid Hoffman – LinkedIn – 7:13
22) Jack Dorsey – Twitter, Sq. – 7:45
23) Kevin Systrom – Instagram – 8:08
24) Drew Houston – DropBox – 8:34
25) Brian Chesky – Airbnb – 8:53
26) Peter Thiel – PayPal – 9:04
27) Elon Musk – Tesla, SpaceX – 9:14
28) Alan Schaaf – Imgur – 9:36
29) Chris Sacca – Baller Investor – 9:56
30) Paul Graham – Y Combinator – 10:18
31) Dennis Crowley – foursquare – 10:40
32) Eric Ries – The Lean Startup – 11:11
33) Leah Busque – TaskRabbit – 11:25
34) Anthony Casalena – Squarespace – 11:44
35) Alexis Ohanian – Reddit, Hipmunk – 12:03
36) Jason Fried, Basecamp – 12:21
37) Palmer Luckey – Oculus Rift – 12:42
38) Kamal Ravikant – AngelList – 12:52
39) Ben Silbermann – Pinterest – 13:19
40) Tony Hsieh – Zappos – 13:43
41) Andrew Mason – Groupon – 14:14
42) Richard Branson – Virgin – 14:39
43) Andrew Ljung – Soundcloud – 15:08
44) Justin Kan – Justin.television – 15:30
45) Jessica Livingston – Y Combinator – 15:59
46) Mark Zuckerberg – Fb – 16:14
47) Marc Andreessen – Andreessen Horowitz – 16:15
48) Dustin Moskovitz – Fb – 17:22
49) Tim Ferriss – Four Hour Work Week – 17:47
50) Emmett Shear – Twitch – 18:24



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  3. After watching tons of interviews and motivational videos – what I feel which you might not like hearing – Success is luck and the efforts that you put in, brings you more closer to being lucky. It just takes 1 random phone call to get you a million dollar client – a project that you dreamed about your entire life. But to reach to a stage where you are lucky enough to get THIS ramdom golden call, you'll have to put in sweat and tears into luck factory – which is going forward even when you are not sure why the fuck you are doing it. This is the real KARMA GENERATING MACHINE.

    If you go through all these interviews you would notice that they talk about bouncing back, keep running through the wall, courage, reality -these are just words for the actions which cannot be captured with language. Just reverse engineer what they are saying why they are saying – BOOM You get the secret.

    Also, what helps is:
    1. Just think you are the dumbest person on the planet, but still you have to – YOU HAVE TO go for it. Think what the dumbest person would do here & don't do that.
    2. Reach out to people/customers very early(Don't be shy)
    3. Trying and failing on different channels/roads towards your goal until you get that right channel.

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  5. Survival bias again, for all these billionaires that worked super hard there’s billions that worked harder and haven’t made it for all these people that say “passion” is the reason there’s billions more passionate that failed flat. Financial Success (to this level) doesn’t have a formula, god provides.

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  7. Easy for y’all to say but when your broke and only working At McDonald’s it will take years hell I will be 80 yrs old to when I get to where I need to be

  8. I honestly agree with the majority of this video. I think that as a high school entrepreneur I have made some of these commitments and you can see some of the great results in my videos on my channel.

  9. The most successful entrepreneur in the whole video is the one that stuttered the most 😛

    Either ways it's better to think, stutter and say something well thought out than to say something ambiguous on the top of your head…

  10. I'm not a fan of Apple products, on the contrary! I find abusive, to say the least, the price you have to pay for being "trendy". I'm not American either, I'm a Brazilian citizen and this is the reality in Brazil. Having said that, I think Steve Jobs is one of the greatest "entrepreneurial minds" (is that right?) of our time. No one cares for personality and being friendly nowadays, it's all about doing what you love doing and waiting for spoils to come. Steve was not exactly a loving character, but his "sense of business" shall never be forgotten.

  11. Everyone talks about passion, but anything can be accomplished by sheer force of will. Cultivate willpower, unleash it against your passions, and you'll learn until you inevitably succeed. I'm a 27 year old entrepreneur, and that's what's helping me through bootstrapping CheckoutSaver.com on my own budget. With this determination, I'll usurp market leaders. Follow your dreams!

  12. So guys holla at me if one of you guys build that million dollar company lmao

    no but seriously, these bits of advice are just what I need right now, just gotta grind every day and make those visions come true

  13. I love how "take care of your mental/physical health" gets tacked onto the end as a footnote. Real dreamers know that shit has to be sacrificed to truly achieve!

  14. The elite entrepreneurs. Love this compilation of all most successful entrepreneurs in the universe! Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle! Loving every moment of it!

  15. Those 50 Entreprenuers just said: "If You believe it, You make it real", and they, made it real…
    We all believe in something, but ,We make it real? Sorry guys. There's no secret.
    I hope, you make it real. that's all i just wanna say. Thanks.

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