5 Smartphone Gadgets You MUST SEE

Just about everyone owns a smartphone nowadays, and while the capabilities of these devices are quite extensive, there are some things they simply cannot do.

We now present to you 5 of the most innovative smartphone gadgets that will further boost your phones’ I.Q.

0:03 – PowerClip – https://goo.gl/ybia8e
2:32 – Eora 3D – https://eora3d.com/
5:02 – WonderCube – http://www.thewondercube.com/
7:33 – droPrinter – http://www.droprinter.net/
9:18 – PIECE – https://goo.gl/jqDiFR

If these 5 new smartphone gadgets have you excited, just imagine what the future may hold… and by ‘future’ we mean the next episode!

Stay tuned for more awesome mobile tech innovations on the horizon.



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