5 Amazing Computer Gadgets You Must Have!

Wonderful pc and laptop computer devices it’s essential to see. If you wish to enhance your PC or Mac , in case you’re a gamer or an influence consumer these devices are for you. Together with futuristic keyboards,mouse and different pc gear.


ODiN: http://goo.gl/P8doOk
InfiniteUSB http://goo.gl/9oNSrq
KeyMouse: http://goo.gl/UPKjU8
Apex Stand: http://goo.gl/3zybrB
Slidenjoy: http://goo.gl/wdz7Vn


1. ODiN – World’s first projection mouse.Open up a world of prospects for electro-optical purposes in an epic method.
2. InfiniteUSB – one usb port, limitless units. Having your cell phones or tablets keep linked to your laptop computer or pc. It’s time to carry class again to your desk.
3. KeyMouse – The Keyboard and Mouse Re-invented! It is a mechanical keyboard and a mouse mixed. Preserve your fingers in typing place whereas utilizing the mouse. Excessive velocity Bluetooth + USB. Good for gaming.
4. Apex Stand:The World’s Finest Laptop computer Stand | The Apex Revolution. The World’s Finest Laptop computer Stand. Light-weight, Moveable Stand with Decrease Telephone Show, Laptop computer Air flow, Cable Organizer, and extra…
5. Slidenjoy – Double or triple your screens.Extremely-thin, gentle, moveable and free-standing. Customers can simply unfold it, including one to 2 additional screens to their pc.

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  1. 5:45 thank You but Id rather use my own keyboard and mouse. :O It might look cool in some space-ship, but I just don't see myself playing CS:GO with it 😀

  2. hey i thought the keymouse would be cool to check out… then… ya, then i seen how much of a rip off it was… i mean what a joke… $249.95 for the one side…

  3. I am not sure about the purpose of this thing, for exploring certain area or for some demo purpose or you can showcase such things as part of your college projects but why would one like to replace the traditional mouse with this, when even trackpad/touchpad can't replace traditional mouse.

  4. Not a single one of these is actually useful. The mouse is fine as is; maybe a laser keyboard would save you space but not the mouse. The chained USB is more like a useless thing if you have devices that suck power; because if you pass the USB limit for current, it just won't work.

    The keyboard mouse will give you CTS after not too long, considering that the reason why the mouse is so small and light is because it put strain on your wrist…add the extra weight and bulk of a keyboard with a ton of buttons and you defy the ergonomic purpose of a mouse. Good job!

    The stand is the best stupid thing ever made: why would you buy a laptop if you have to carry with you an ipad, a phone, a keyboard a mouse AND a stand ? 😛 Plus if you get pain is because your table is not at the right height with your chair; it is not the fault of the laptop, and you can sit somewhere else and use just the laptop; instead of carrying with you 20 things.

    The multi monitor was cool 20 years ago maybe; but nowadays if you work in a decent size company, people use tv or monitors on the wall; I can't remember a single place where you won't find a projector or a tv on the wall, and need to have a meeting with a small monitor folded around. Maybe it is cool for a student at most. plus it is heavy and bulky.

  5. I love the ad for the laptop stand. I didn't realise that I had been so wrong all this time. When I bought a computer with a built-in keyboard, I should have got a seperate keyboard us use instead, then I have been sitting at a desk normally all these years, when I should have been hunched over getting a sore back. Thank you cor correcting me.
    The keyboard mouse is a good idea, but it would work best if you can touch type and don't need to look at the keyboard all the time…like me.

  6. Promoting my video: 2:34 => 2 min 34 sec.
    Please forward it! Couple weeks old but entertaining!

  7. Funny how they're all solutions to problems that don't really exist.
    Or simply things that already exist for years.
    So i guess DOPE inventions pretty much means inventions made on DOPE.

  8. I think the keyboard mouse , is more hilarious than helpful.=))
    'being tired of switching between keyboard and mouse'
    Hahaha, there is nothing more to add to it =)) , these people try to kill me laughing.


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