200+ Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

On this video, I’ll present you 200+ suggestions, methods, options, and hidden options to your Samsung Galaxy Be aware 8.

Galaxy Be aware Eight is an outstanding smartphone and it is filled with deep and wealthy options, in order that why I wish to ensure you grasp each facet of your observe Eight to maximise your possession.

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————– TABLE OF CONTENTS (timestamped) ———————

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Half One: A Large assortment of Ideas and Methods (00:01:39)

Half Two: Superior Ideas and Methods (00:29:06)

Half Three: Safety Ideas and Options (00:43:00)

Half 4: Customise Be aware Eight with Themes (00:57:52)

Half 5: Edge Panels/Display Ideas and Methods (01:05:06)

Half Six: Full S-Pen Ideas, Methods and Tutorial (01:16:10)

Half Seven: Full Digicam Ideas, Methods and Tutorial (1:36:31)

Time stamp format : hh/mm/ss (hour/minute/second)


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  1. Time coded and time stamped navigation:

    Part One: A Massive collection of Tips and Tricks (00:01:39)

    Part Two: Advanced Tips and Tricks (00:29:06)

    Part Three: Security Tips and Features (00:43:00)

    Part Four: Customize Note 8 with Themes (00:57:52)

    Part Five: Edge Panels/Screen Tips and Tricks (01:05:06)

    Part Six: Full S-Pen Tips, Tricks and Tutorial (01:16:10)

    Part Seven: Full Camera Tips, Tricks and Tutorial (1:36:31)

  2. great video as it’s kept simple. you’re so neat with the layout of the video too it makes me happy

    i just ordered my note 8 and it should be arriving in 1-2 days so i’m watching your videos to get tips and tricks ideas for my note 8. i’m so excited to get it, i literally cannot sleep. been binge watching your videos 🙂


  3. wow…Incredibly IMPRESSIVE!! The 7.7K thumbs-up vs 0.7K thumbs-down I now see resonates quite well with the sad state of the 10% who watches this stuff. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT what this man does. Period. How is it possible to critique this, and feel good about doing it? Envy, of course! And, I can't hold myself from laughing over how anyone could. AWESOME JOB MISTER! Thank you.

  4. I just bought the Note 8 and one of the first things I did was to come and watch this video. Thank you so much sakitech for taking the time to put this fantastic tutorial together.

  5. 00:35:23 – Samsung is not the first manufacturer to bring this feather; please don't mislead people with your wrong assumptions. It was available in Xiomi phones almost 1.5 years ago. I remember i used it in Redmi Note 4. Many features Samsung has now were there before Samsung started to use in their devices.

    Samsung is the leading manufacturer, but not the first one to bring all the functions first.

    By the way, this is an essential video for many beginners and appreciate your effort.

  6. Thank you very very much man, for taking so much time and saving ours. Really really good video. Keep up the good work and you'll be famous soon 😉 thumbs up!

  7. A public information film at it’s best. Thank you. I thought the process of saying goodbye to the my iPhone would be so painful BUT this made it pain free. Love the Note 8. Never want to go back to Apel? AppHell? Aple …..You see. I’ve already forgotten how to spell it.!

  8. An very good , detalied and nice review , if someone need to decide if she buy a phone , there can find verry good reasons for NOTE 8 , i'm at 29:35…and i can say i love that phone, I have an Lumia 950 XL and i love windows phone( except the lack of google services ,just that != little lack) and now i see a phone more similar with desktop windows than any other whindows phone,just the ability to install .exe missing and whindows mobile will die fasther than windows phone OS :))))

  9. Mistake at 33:25
    Topic: Direct Call
    The feature is NOT to answer calls, it's to make them if you are texting and want to call that person then you just need to put your phone next to your ear to be able to call them directly (hence the name lol ) it is explained also when you click on the feature.

  10. Great video! I would like to mention one issue that I found with the Secure Folder. I have all my pictures and videos saved on my SD card. Once you move a picture or a video from the SD card to the Secure Folder it will be saved under the device memory and NOT under the SD card. THAT'S NOT COOL! I can not find a way to transfer a picture or a video from the SD card to the Secure Folder without being removed from the SD card . Any advice? Thank you!

  11. @SAKITECH…PLZ HELP!!! I I have my Tracking Focus OFF but my Video Stabilization is still grayed out?! Any ideas …. Any1! Thank you

  12. Wow this was amazing…so much valuable information. I currently have a Note 5 and an S7 Edge and a lot of it was applicable for the Note 5 and a majority of it was applicable for the S7 Edge. It was wonderful to learn so much about the features of each of my phones and so when I get the Note 8 in a few months, I'll have less to learn then. But I'm putting this in my favorites playlist for future reference.


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