$10000 Bitcoin Mining and $10000 GPU Multimining Results Review with Michael Rieu

In this video I discuss and review the performance of a $10000 Standard Bitcoin Mining contract mining for approx 2 months with average ROI of ~ 24% per month and a $10000 GPU Multimining Contract and has an ROI of ~24% per month with Lifestyle Galaxy Value Club Member and Bitcoin Miner, Michael Rieu.

He’s strategy so far has been using his daily bitcoin rewards to repurchase more mining power at 100% with daily Bitcoin payouts of 0%. In this video we review the performance of both his Bitcoin mining and GPU Multimining contracts and will continue review the performance of his mining contracts and share his journey with viewers month to month – look out for th updates every month.

NOTE: Results are not typical are and are subject to bitcoin price movements in the market, repurchasing strategy, mining difficulty curve and other factors.

But know this, Miners will be amongst the wealthiest people in the world. As John McCafee put it, “We [Miners] occupy the TOP RUNG of Profitability. Soon, mining will be immorally profitable” 🙂

Enjoy the video as Michael and I share his own personal journey as a Bitcoin Miner.

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I am NOT a financial advisor. There is risk in ALL investment opportunities whether traditional markets / opportunities or in the new cryptocurrency markets/opportunities. Do your OWN due diligence, spread your risk and ONLY invest money that you are prepared to lose. Always remember that there is no REWARD without RISK and vice versa. If you do NOT want rewards then DON’T take risks. Start small and DO NOT be Greedy 🙂

Lastly, none of the results shown in these videos are typical. They vary from individual to individual based on their personal strategy, bitcoin price movements in the market, mining difficulty and other non-exhaustive factors



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