100 Tips and Tricks – Learn Everything | Rainbow Six Siege

Right here it’s, 100 ideas and methods to develop into a greater Rainbow Six Siege participant. Something from neat settings to bizarre parkour jumps.

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  1. Still This game sucks, not optimized and the Matchmaking sucks dick I mean Im level 24 and i got MAtched against 98lvl 100lvl 150lvl 200lvl and others …. like wtf in Ranked or in Casual I never played against my own levels or little bit higher sucha fucking bs

  2. can u help me i have a problem with my mouse it is a razer deathadder elite y play in 400dpi h and v in 22 ads in 63 and in the desktop it is normal but in game the sens its slow really slow i have to put my dpi in 200 just so i can play normal

  3. Okay… So im noticing that this is from two months ago and your saying you have 150K subs… and now you 225K!? In two months you go up 75 THOUSAND SUBS! Great work!

  4. This video should be called 100 ways how to ruin game for others or 100 dick moves. I know it is in the game and its not cheating but still…

  5. Dude, believe me, you are the one who gave me the observe sound tips in Rainbow Six and made me a Plat player (my last rank)
    Thank You so much for your efforts so glad to know that you will be streming soon

  6. Hey thanks for your effort. This is a tremendous video. As a hooked R6S fan I'll be back to this a lot.

    For next time, could you organize stuff like this by map? Attacker and defender tips? I know you spend a ton of time editing already. It's a lot of content, and all the map backing and forthing makes it hard to keep straight and remember all the learning as you watch.

    Cheers! See you out there


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